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Have you ever imagined how it would be if your child would become passionate about coding from an early age on and will have no doubts what college degree to choose at the end of high school?

How would it be if children who enjoy using computers would turn this passion into a desire to do useful and interesting things with technology?

Our Dojo sessions are free and welcome anyone, who is between 8-17 years old (along with their parents) and are covering everything from basic HTML & CSS, to JavaScript, game development and web programming. Most sessions require no prior knowledge!


Are you a coder parent?

The project teaches children to develop websites, apps and games. We aim on also teaching teamwork skills, critical thinking and communication, which are part of the program. The program is very interactive and the knowledge obtained here is useful to each student. Subscribe your child to our project and demonstrate that you are a coder parent.


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CoderDojo Moldova is part of an international non-profit organization that aims to provide the necessary support to teach children programming. The project is conducted in 45 countries and also now new in Moldova. To participate in the project, children should be curious and eager to learn programming and should be between 7 to 17 years old.


Upcoming Sessions

Once the kid attends the program, he will learn from industry programmers how to develop games and web applications. We assure you that time spent in the program will be invested in a safe and useful activity. You only need to register your child to the program to open the door to exciting opportunities. Check our Facebook Page or write us an email. (info@coderdojo.md)

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Meet some of our mentors!

Without our volunteering mentors CoderDojo wouldn't be possible!

Are you as well attracted by the opportunity to participate as a mentor and want to become part of the family that is CoderDojo?
An important thing is to respect one condition - Be Cool. This project will develop the skills of a mentor and leader. Here you will learn new things by assisting children and sharing the experience with people working in the same field.

Be a change agent of society. Become a CoderDojo mentor and help develop the next generation of programmers.

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Our CoderDojo is fully run by passionate volunteers; If you're interested in supporting what we do, please get in touch!

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