About CoderDojo

The open source, volunteer led, global movement
of free coding clubs for young people

CoderDojo is an international movement which appeared first in 2011 in Ireland. The goal of the project is to initiate children in programming outside of a school program through informal methods such as training, games and regular sessions. These trainings are facilitated by volunteering mentors, willing to engage in the project.

Under the program, children aged between 7-17 years learn how to develop mobile applications, websites and games.

Besides the knowledge they acquire in the field of programming, children interact with each other and make new friends in an
amicable and cheerful environment. CoderDojo has just one rule: “Above All: Be Cool", which stands for a relaxed atmosphere and means listening to mentors, desire to learn, to make new friends and communicate on issues for people around you.

Currently, the project is running in 45 countries around the world, in more than 450 cities.
In Moldova, the project takes place for the first time, so, starting June 7 2014, every Saturday. The YOPESO company organizes the sessions for students eager to learn more about programming.

Participation in the program is free thanks to the voluntary involvement of mentors and organizers, as well as through the provided rooms and equipment, sponsored by YOPESO.


Benefits for mentors



1. Flexible activity, autonomy in organising the meetings

2. Having fun and working with creative young people, generating new ideas

3. Forming people that will work not only in programming, but in other fields too

4. Being part of a global movement and improving local communities

5. Forming good IT specialists

6. Setting standards for the new generation of coders

7. Developing knowledge and skills through volunteering

8. Experiencing modern teaching, non-formal learning, where the individual (the student) has an active role in his/her learning

9. Having the opportunity to invite and meet special guests, experts in the field

10. Making new friends

Benefits for parents


1. By bringing your children to CoderDojo you can already set the foundation of a successful career in a promising industry

2. You can contribute to a positive future development of Moldova through education

3. You can be part of a global movement

4. Help your child to become more responsible, show respect and support for others

5. Be a cool, modern parent

Benefits for children



1. Learning to adapt easier to future new contexts, people, environments and learning to use computers beneficially

2. Developing software applications, open source, socially innovative projects

3. Having fun and working with creative young people, generating new ideas

4. Having the opportunity to meet special guests, experts in the field

5. Young people could become later mentors at CoderDojo

6. Testing from an early age what they like to work later on

7. Learning new things by learning from mentors and other children, by sharing knowledge and experiences, learning more by networking regularly with the others

8. Acquiring knowledge in programming

9. Being part of a global movement

10. The transition from study environment to work environment will be much more easier

11. Matching young people's skills with the work market needs

12. Achieving visible results in real time and enjoying the process to create something meaningful


The Mentors

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